Why is my Phone so slow? How to make it Faster

Nowadays, Android devices come with a minimum of 4 Gigs of RAM and we feel like it’s nothing and wonder why is my phone so slow. On the other side, iOS devices come with only a maximum of 4 Giggs of RAM although Apple doesn’t openly specify its technical specifications. But, these devices are hell faster than Android devices. This is just because of RAM management and background processes.

Lagginess is a common issue on Android. It is mainly because of high RAM usage, animations, background processes, etc. Here are the ways by which you can make your Android faster.

Reducing/disabling the animations:

Animations change the look and feel of the Android. Animations make the device smoother. But on the low-end devices/low RAM devices, these animations make the device slower and laggier. So, for a faster and better experience reducing/disabling of animations are recommended. These animation settings aren’t enabled by default. We need need to do it manually. For this enable Developer Options. It can be done by SETTINGS > ABOUT DEVICE > and tap 5 times on the BUILD NUMBER.

Now go back to Settings and you will find Developer options in the settings menu. Open the Settings menu and find options called Window animation scale, transition animation scale, animator duration scale. By default these are set to some value, change them to 0.5x or disable them.

Closing the background processes:

There are many apps running in the background consuming much amount of RAM. Even though some of the apps are unnecessary to run in the background like Amazon, Flipkart, Best Buy etc. They are needless to run in the background. We need to close these apps in order to reduce the RAM usage and to save battery. You can find many apps in the Google Play Store to do this like ShutApp, Greenify, Advanced Task Manager etc. Among all these apps Greenify tops the list. Greenify puts apps in hibernation. It has an auto-hibernation mode for both rooted and non-rooted devices. If you are on a rooted device you need to grant the root permissions.

Replacing LWP with a static wallpaper:

Live wallpapers not only make the device laggy but also consumes battery. If you are using a live wallpaper then replace it with static wallpaper.

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Removing Unnecessary widgets from the home screen:

Widgets drain a certain amount of battery and add a bit of lagginess to the Android. So, unnecessary widgets from the home screen should be removed in order to make the Android faster.

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