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Best Tools to Batch Watermark Photos

The cases of image theft have increased significantly over the past years. Unfortunately more and more professionals, whether we're talking about photographers, designers or bloggers, are getting their original pictures stolen or misused. One of the ways to prevent this from happening is to watermark them. By adding a visible text/logo to your images you protect your copyright: no one else can use those image without your prior consent. Who decides to bypass the clear warning and illegally copy the photos can be sued for copyright infringement.

If you're dealing with a massive collection of photographs that require watermarking before online sharing, keep on reading. Below you can find some of the best desktop tools you can use to watermark hundreds of images at once.


PhotoMarks is a batch watermark software for Windows and Mac that you definitely need to try. Why? Because it is not only powerful enough to process hundreds of images simultaneously, but it also provides a wide range of watermarking options and it's quite simple to use. The tool comes with an easy-to-navigate interface, structured in three main steps: Step 1 - Add Photos, Step 2 - Edit Photos and Step 3 - Setup, where you set your destination folder and image format.

PhotoMarks allows you to add three types of watermarks: text, logo and mask. You can insert a copyright, registered or trademark text accompanied by the suitable symbol, your own logo, as well as info from the metadata records. The customization options are extensive: you're free to choose a pixel-perfect position, change the watermark's size and rotation, set the transparency, repeat the text/logo across the image, select the preferred font style and color and more. To boost your workflow you have the possibility to save your configuration as a profile and reuse it in other projects.

PhotoMarks provides support fore over 50 image formats, including RAW files and next-gen formats like HEIC, WebP and AVIF. In addition to watermarking there are options to rename, resize, crop and rotate photos, as well as add borders and frames to them. is a browser-based alternative to watermark multiple photos simultaneously. So if you're not looking to download another software on your computer, this one may suit your needs. The interface is modern, with a large preview area and a straightforward watermarking process: import your files, apply and customize the watermark and select whether to download your new files locally, export them to the cloud or directly share them on social media. You can import not only still images, but also GIF's, videos and PDF's. gives you the possibility to add a text, to import your own logo and also to create a customized signature. In order to do that, simply enter the desired text in the text box and select the font style that best matches your preferences. You can further customize your signature by editing individual characters, resizing it, changing the color or adjusting the opacity. Moreover, the tool places at your disposal diverse watermark templates, which you can edit to your liking. supports multiple formats, including RAW from certain digital cameras, PSD, HEIC or WebP files. Additionally, you can improve your photographs by resizing, cropping and rotating them, by adjusting the exposure or applying various effects and built-in filters.

iWatermark Pro

iWatermark Pro is a cross-platform program that places at the user's disposal a large variety of watermarks. And this is practically the strong point of the software.

Depending on your necessities, you can opt for a simple text or on a curved path, a logo, your signature or a QR code. You can also add lines of different widths and heights, just like in the case of photo stock websites. These are visible watermarks. At the same time, iWatermark Pro offers the opportunity to add invisible ones. In that sense you can add information to the IPTC or XMP records, as well as a StegoMark. The latter is a proprietary technique of embedding personal data not in the image per se, but in the image data itself.

If you don't want to create one from scratch, iWatermark Pro comes with a Watermark Drawer feature, which enables you to select one of the built-in examples and customize it. The program allows you to edit your watermark in different ways, to back it up, export and share it. Other operations include renaming, resizing and applying special effects to your images. The software lets you import RAW files and export them to JPEG, PNG or TIFF.

TSR Watermark Image

TSR Watermark Image is a simple tool designed to watermark images in bulk. The software doesn't offer the most exciting UI, feeling rather dated, but it provides the necessary features to protect your original photographs from misuse.

You can add a classic text or logo, as well as 3D versions. TSR Watermark Image lets you adjust the location, size and angle of your watermark, adjust its transparency, place it all over the image for extra security and more. When you're done editing, you have the option of directly uploading the new images to WordPress. In case you want to perform other edits, you'll find options to rotate and resize your pictures, add a border and colored cross to them. As far as image format goes, you can save your watermarked pictures to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP or GIF.

Arclab Watermark Studio

Arclab Watermark Studio is a watermarking solution designed exclusively for Windows users. The program has a simple interface divided in three main sections: in the top section you'll find the loaded files, on the left side - the watermarking settings, while in the center - a large preview of how the text/logo looks placed on the image.

Arclab Watermark Studio allows you to add multi-layered texts and logos and edit them in various ways. You can adjust their position (unfortunately you can't do it freely), size and opacity or choose the font and color among others. The software enables you to additionally resize and convert your images to four main formats (JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP) and to save your configuration as a project for later use.

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